7 Spring Ideas for kids

7 Spring Ideas for Kids 7-11 years

Time to get ready for Spring! Ready for 7 Spring Ideas for Kids 7- 11 years?

Autumn and Winter can seem to feel like terribly long seasons, and when SpringSpring starts to pop up, it can be a sheer delight. 

Let The Muddy Puddle Teacher help with a few of these awesome ideas! 

Here are some Spring top tips for ages 7-11

  1. Use the inaturalist app and find out what the new growths of SpringSpring are. The trees will start to get their leaves back, use the app to identify the trees and know their names and types.
  2. Get growing. Use this incredible planting chart by WWF to help you plan when you should plant and when to harvest. 
  3. Collect up some items that remind you of Spring, and then head back inside and be creative with what you have. How can you represent Spring with the natural items you have in a creative way?
  4. Monitor plants over the coming weeks and watch their growth. 
  5. Make mood wands, place some sticky back plastic onto a stick and add bits of colour from nature that makes you feel the season and discuss the colours each chose after. 
  6. Read some spring-related texts such as The Secret Garden.
  7. Use some of our free templates to identify and work alongside nature. 

For more spring outdoor learning resources, splash this way!

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