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5 top ways to get Older Kids Outside

5 top ways to get Older Kids Outside – Outdoor learning is often associated with younger children and there is no reason for that to be the case.  Older children need just as much of an excuse to get outside as the younger children do.  If anything the older children probably move and go out less because of their entertainment being based around many solo based technology related activities.  

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We have told children a lot of times not to get muddy and not to hurt themselves but sometime this can have a negative effect on a child who then is reluctant to take risks and take ownership for their body and know their boundaries. 

Forest school is a good principle for this and does encourage the child to work out of their comfort zone and to take safe risks by knowing exactly how to execute those risks.  To read more about FS go to the FSA site

But to keep you going here are some of our top tips- 

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  1. Go on treks, buy a compass and use an app to track where you go and to measure how far you go. 
  2. Try downloading the geocaching app and play games which involves you find various codes via the app.  It is lots of fun. 
  3. Vlog! Go on a walk and vlog as if a weather reporter or naturist is teaching people to be kinder to the world. 
  4. Meet up with friends and all walk as families. 
  5. Buy a dog, love them and let them keep you all fit too! There is research to suggest that older children can find pets great support through their raised hormone years. 

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