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5 Snowy Day Ideas to do with kids

5 Snowy Day Ideas to do with kids

5 Snowy Day Ideas to do with kids 

Snow, wonderful snow! A natural treat that gets even the most reluctant children to get outside!

But other than making a snowman, sledging and snow fights what can you do with your mini-muddy puddlers? 

Here are some outdoor learning snow-tastic ideas:

  • Snow Mazes – Make snow mazes – go find a nice open and untouched open space and make mazes using your feet and the get others to complete it. 
  • We are going on a Snowman hunt – Go on a walk but before you do have a note ready outside your door that your child/children will find.  The note needs to be about a lost snowman and that we, the snow detective, need to find him.  Use your imaginations, get silly and find things on your walk that could be a clue.  A broken stick, is that his arm? A seed, is that her nose? Collect these ‘clues’ up then use them once you get back from your walk to make the lost snowman/woman come alive. 
  • Snow experiments – bring snow in and watch it melt, add paint to it and watch it change colour, freeze and see what happens. 
  • Small world play.  Take some small characters outside and play with them outside in the snow.  The snow will create a scene and ignite imaginations and stories on another level.  You may need to play the idea out first and talk about what we do on snowy days. The characters could get stuck and then saved by a superhero or they could be searching for a yeti. 
  • Snow sculptures – rather than making a snowman or woman.  Try making a sculpture or a monster, alien or tree.  Take some paints out and add colour to it and make a wonderful, snow sculpture masterpiece. 

All of these ideas have been created by The Muddy Puddle Teacher ® an outdoor learning approach created by teacher and mother, Sarah Seaman.  The Muddy Puddle Teacher is an approach you can train on and then gain Muddy Puddle Teacher status. They also provide many free and fun ideas for schools to take a more outdoor play-based approach to their curriculum.

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