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5 Activities to do in a Muddy Puddle

5 Activities to do in a Muddy Puddle 

So you want 5 activities to do in a muddy puddle?  Well, you have come to the right people. There is nothing The Muddy Puddle Teachers can not take outside.  Every academic area you have naturally done on a worksheet is going to be magically made better by our ideas and doing it practically. 

So here you go 5 maths activities to do in a Muddy Puddle!

1. Capacity 

Take some measuring jugs outside and measure small volumes of water, or have a class challenge and all gather water into one big bucket and measure large volumes also. 

2. Obvious but Jump in them! 

It is a great physical activity to jump.  Jump over the puddles, in the middle, around the puddles.  It’s a great way to practice spatial awareness as well as having a good muddy puddle workout!

3. Poetry.  

Many of our senses are used when we jump in a Muddy Puddle. So many special sounds, smells and the way it feels on our skin can really help children develop new words.  Spend some time playing in a  muddy puddle and talk about how it looks, smells, feels and sounds. Then go back and do some adjective work and write a poem. 

4. Setting a scene.  

Make characters from stick and clay and use the puddle as a scene for a story.  Maybe there has been a flood or the characters live in a waterfall then go back and write a description of your setting. 

5. Let them play!

Let the children find sticks and plonk them in puddles, plop rocks in too.  Let the kids explore, have fun, bond together and raise questions. 
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