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5 outdoor ideas for kids

5 Ideas to have an Outdoor Christmas

  1. Sustainable Christmas Trees – Put a Christmas Tree Outdoors and decorate it with sustainable and natural decorations. Such as dried oranges, leaf snowmen and reindeer corks. Use a range of natural items already out there and upcycled materials too. Idea packs on the site. 
  2. Outdoor Christmas Carols – Invite parents in and all sing around the Christmas Tree or simply in your outdoor space and offer hot chocolate and Marshmallows to end the service. 
  3. Outdoor Nativity – Hold a traditional outdoor nativity where there is space to perform and messy play can be involved. With a real straw bed for the donkey and offer hot drinks and biscuits for the adults. Full pack here. Idea packs on the site. 
  4. Christmas Dinner for the birds – Remember to feed the birds before you all go home this winter. Get some lard from the shops and bird seed and mush together to form a ball. Add string and hang from the trees. Idea packs on the site. 
  5. Reindeer Rolls – Make some Reindeer Rolls to take home by mixing up some porridge oats, sugar for sparkle and some smelly rosemary to help heighten all of the senses. Find some scrap fabric to roll the mixture into and tie it with a ribbon to take home and leave for Rudolf on Christmas eve. Idea packs on the site. 

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