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year 6 properties of shape

Y6 Properties of Shape (Outdoors)

Use Y6 Properties of Shape (Outdoors) to help take Year 6 learning outside.  Outdoor Learning KS2 has never been so important.  Increased technology and more time indoors can have negative physical and mental wellbeing impacts on the children.  Even 10 minutes a day can improve health and wellbeing so why not use our packs to merge and embed areas of the curriculum too. 

Y6 properties of shape (outdoors) can be done in all weathers and is a superb way to embed mastery into their shape unit. 

Here are some more benefits of taking KS2 outdoor learning outside: 

  1. Physical benefits
  2. Mental Health benefits
  3. Bonding with their peers
  4. Increased fine and gross motor skills
  5. Love for the outdoors and moving
  6. Interest in Science and the natural world 

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