world tiger day eyfs

World Tiger Day EYFS (Ideas Pack)

World tiger day EYFS is a very important day to raise awareness of the beautiful animal that is the tiger.  Tigers are an endangered species with less that 3,500 left in the world. Giving the next generations the power and knowledge to support and protect these animals has never been so important. 

That is where we are here to help.  Here are some muddy lovely ideas to enjoy World Tiger Day in the Early Years. To download the full World Tiger Day EYFS ideas pack for FREE sign up.

Have some free ‘Tiger who came to tea’ ideas here:

  • Story time
    Share the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. An outdoor story time would be super – re-read together, talking about what a real tiger would eat?
    Have a go at hot seating. Model, at first, with an adult in the role of the tiger, with the children asking questions. Then, when the children are familiar with the game, choose someone to be the Tiger or Sophie.
  • Tea time
    If you have a mud kitchen, use this to have teatime fun or improvise with containers and a tuff tray of lovely mud.
    Make a tea party. What could you serve? Maybe use chalks to write a menu or list. Children love using real crockery, so raid your local charity shop for cheap tea sets and teapots and show the children how to use them safely. The children could make invitations to their muddy tea party, using writing skills to plan the time, date and place.
    Set up your water area or a water tray with a selection of tea bags, loose tea, strainers, jugs, tea pots and cups. Anyone for tea?
    Try making some muddy tiger food in your mud kitchen – make a concoction of grass, leaves, stones and lovely mud.
  • Circle time.
    Sit in a circle and play a ‘what can the tiger have for tea’ game. The adult starts with ‘A tiger came to tea and had … (choose something, e.g. pizza) Then the next child says ‘A tiger came to tea and had a pizza and… (choose something, e.g. chocolate cake). The game continues, with each child remembering previous foods and adding their own until the beginning of the circle is reached.
    Have a go at learning this poem: (Add your own tiger gestures and movements too)
    Tiger, tiger, orange and black,He’s somewhere about,So you better watch out.Tiger, tiger, orange and black,There on the groundI can see his tracks.So tiger, tiger, orange and black,I’m going home -Before he jumps on my back!Roar!!!

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To learn more about Tigers and how you can protect them go to WWF site. 

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