Winter Colours Art Activity Sheet

Winter Colours Art Activity Sheet

Use the fabulous Winter Colours Art Activity Sheet to get the children outside applying their maths while they connect with nature and have some fun and practical leanring time. This is a fabulous task to help your children connect with nature and to also creatively look at darker and lighter shades, delving in a little deeper to colour and art in all forms. 

Here are some top tips to apply our Winter Colours Art Activity Sheet:

  1. Why not collect some of the items you find up and make an art picture afterwards. The Artful Parent Blog has some great art ideas for this. 
  2. Apply sticky back plastic to a piece of unused card and attach different shades of nature on there.  Tear them up small and add onto it. 
  3. Compare colors from season to season.  What colours do we see more in Aurumn than Winter? 

Remember there are many charities out there looking after our wildlife, it is time we all take notice and underrstand the importance of caring for nature. The RSPB, Wildlife Trust and Woodland Trust all play major parts in helping with this so do spend your time visiting their sites and doing your bit. 

Go for a muddy walk in nature and hunt for these colours. Pop some sticky back tape on the line and add bits of nature with that colour onto it.

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