What is a Muddy Puddle Teacher?

A Muddy Puddle Teacher is an educator that works to a style of teaching that supports the three Muddy M’s:

  1. Mental Health
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Move More

They deliver an educational curriculum that both provides academic learning balanced with the nurturing care of the three Muddy M’s. 

The Muddy Puddle Teachers try to balance their indoors approach with the outdoors and regard mental and physical wellbeing ads important as their academic studies. 

There are some other outdoor learning approaches such as 

To train as a Muddy Puddle Teacher there are four stages to complete:

Stage One – Setting the approach up

Stage Two – Linking the curriculum

Stage Three – Wellbeing

Stage Four – Managing the approach

All four stages gives the teacher everything they need to be confident at taking their learning out all weathers and whats more the Muddy Puddle Teacher give you all of the resources to do that. 

So how can the approach benefit your children? 

  1. Improve behaviour
  2. Increase physical ability
  3. Improve fine and gross motor skills
  4. Increase literal and lateral thinking
  5. Connect children with nature
  6. Embed many areas of early Science
  7. Bond a class

How can the approach help you? 

  1. Connect you better with your class
  2. Bond better with the children
  3. Physical wellbeing benefits
  4. Mental health wellbeing benefits