welly walks for babies

Welly Walks Babies

This is a fantastic resource! Use Welly Walks Babies to make your strolls educational and help your baby develop and have some interactive fun on the way. 

Taking babies outside lots and lots is crucial for their development. Babies learn by observing the world around them and what better way to do this than by going outside. The key difference with the outside to the inside is that is changes regularly. 

Here are some top tips to do with Babies on a Welly Walk to help make that experience even more beneficial: 

Welly Walks Babies

  • Talk to baby as you walk ‘leaves’, ‘flowers’, ‘look a bee’. 
  • Take the same walk for a few weeks and notice the same things so baby has time to embed the words you are saying to them. 
  • Go fast and go slow.  Run a little and say ‘faster’ go slow and say ‘slower’. 
  • Go up and down hills and use the language. 
  • Have fun and take note of the mental health wellbeing this has on you also. 

Scandanavia’s believe that the outdoors should play an integral part in a babies life so much so that children do not enter a classroom until they are 7.  This is an article from the BBC that shares a story about babies who sleep outside
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