Upcycled Role Play

*FREE*Upcycled Role Play – Tots

Use Upcycled Role Play – Tots to help add some drama into your provisions. Upcycling teaches children how to respect nature and to reuse and recycle things such as cardboard boxes. 

Our muddy resources support all curriculums and we use only natural resources so any school, anywhere can use our approach. Including Early Years Framework, NC, CfE, American Curriculums.

Our teaching resources and training do go alongside other approaches really well as we are entirely unique in the qualities and professional development we can offer you.  More so many approaches are early years based.  We are an approach from birth to 11 years. 

So what is the difference between you and Forest School?

Forest School is a holistic approach brought over from Scandinavia and promotes child-led learning and in the moment planning.  Using a variety of high risk activities such as fire and tools.  Learn more about forest school and woodland lessons.

We are more of an extension of the inside classroom using the outside as our platform to teach the curriculum from. Our school’s work within their own groups and we use natural resources and a curiosity approach to teach all subjects such as maths, Science and phonics for instance. Many of our activities are introduced by teachers and then led by children in forms of collaborative work in groups and pairs. 

What about Reggio & Steiner? 

Again, we have elements of inspiration from many other early years approaches, our only difference being we focus on getting you outside becoming masters of using natural and recycled materials. Read more about the Reggio approach and Steiner. We offer big reductions for schools and nurseries that book in groups. The more staff the more the discount per person. Click here for a quote.

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