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What are the benefits to our Outdoor Learning Teacher Training on the child?

Improves speech and language
Engages children’s attention and participation
Draws in cross-curricula links
Improves child’s mental and physical wellbeing
Improves teacher mental and physical wellbeing
Brings a team together and develops team building skills
Develops creativity
Develops imagination
Provides opportunities for mastery
Promotes mindfulness
Extends higher abilities
Reduces cost and waste
Connect children with nature
Supports SEND through sensory teaching

What can our Outdoor Learning Teacher Training do for you and your staff?

– Teach your staff how to use The Muddy Puddle Approach

– Better connect your staff through team building

– Improve their wellbeing

– Inspire them to want to do this

– Give them flexibility and options

– Support their physical health and get them outside and active

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The Muddy Puddle Teacher ®

An outdoor teaching approach created by teachers for teachers

Reduce overall teacher workload | Make outdoor learning manageable | Enjoy the physical and mental well-being benefits for teacher and child

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‘Learning outside for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour, say, researchers’, Telegraph article click here to read more.