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rocks year 3 schemes of work

Rocks Scheme of Work (Year 3)

What does the fantastic Rocks Scheme of Work (Year 3) – include? 

  • 6 Lesson Plans for the Science Unit Year 3 Rocks
  • 6 PowerPoint Presentations
  • ALL lessons use sustainable and active lessons – this may be inside or outside – worksheet free 🙂

How can I use this resource? 

This scheme of work comes with a PowerPoint presentation to help you introduce the area of learning. Still, it then will offer lesson activities that are active, outdoors or indoors, active and sustainable.  ALL are worksheet free and offer opportunities to go outside each lesson. 

How can a more active curriculum support the Neurodiverse? 

This lesson will help all those children that appreciate and respond better to a more active, interactive, sensory and fun lesson!  Furthermore, there are always so many cross curricula links in our session plans that this is a deep dive for the more able children.

Want more information? 

Watch our safety videos to help you practice the best outdoor learning methods.

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If you are trying to answer any of these questions, then MPT is for you!

  • Support Nurodiverse children & teachers
  • Improve fitness and well-being amongst children and staff
  • Foster lifelong learner skills
  • Becoming more sustainable and reducing the amount of paper and plastics you use in the classroom. 

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