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Our approach can be adapted to any space.  We appreciate that many of you are not able to get to natural settings so we write these resources in the assumption you are working within your own school grounds and we give you ideas on how to bring the nature in by providing you with a handbook for every purchase. But if you do have a natural space then this approach will help you use it better. See founder, Sarah Seaman, in action modelling some of our ideas off our resources here. 

Our resources include activity packs, idea packs, planning and presentations.  All of ou rresources use The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. See more about this here. 

 Embedded in the current UK national curriculum and EYFS Framework, we have teaching resources for every subject. Realistic, powerful and engaging lesson plans, activities and resources that are appropriate for you to use with your children, just as they are.

Created by contemporary, experienced teachers, The Muddy Puddle Approach and our activities will fit into your normal time-tabled lesson slots and do not need any special outdoor space. Whether you use the playground, school garden or a local space – these activities will work in the space that you have.
Practical, sustainable, realistic, inclusive and meaningful our self-created, unique approach to outdoor learning does all the things that others.

Whether you need a single lesson plan, bundle, starter pack or instant download, we have all of the time-saving, effective outdoor education resources that you need.

Not sure how it all works? Watch Sarah, Muddy Puddle Teacher Founder in action on our YouTube channelOr learn more about our eco values . Based in Sheffield, we deliver a range of powerful teacher training & CPD across Northern England and the U.K. Browse our training programme.

Created by contemporary, experienced teachers, The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is a new, purposeful EYFS approach with lesson resources that fit into your normal time-tabled lesson slots. Embedded in the EYFS framework, our practical approach and outdoor education resources do not need any special outdoor space.

Use our structured, exciting and fun outdoor teaching approach and resources, to deliver powerful learning outside your classroom. Transform the mundane into something extra-ordinary with dynamic outdoor learning lesson plans, activities and resources for phonics lessons.


You do not need any extra resources our products are created by teachers who know what kind of things you would normally have around that we can best utilise.  Begginers may want to use normal outdoor apparatus and as you get better we will move you to more natural and upcycled products. Muddy excellent, hey?

For any educator that teaches academic subjects. Our resources have been created to suit school grounds, home gardens, decked areas, cement spaces.  It does not matter what space you have all of these resources will work for you. We suggest any adaptations we think may be needed if relevant. Including teachers, care workers, childminders, teaching assisstants, nature groups, after school clubs, holiday clubs. 

All of our resources can be used for full class sizes, small groups and even individuals.  We suggest any adaptations you may need to make to support each group size. Perfect for classes, intervention work, therapy work, home educators, childminders. 

Weather is different not difficult, and it is what it is.  Our philosophy is that we do not try and hide away from it but embrace it.  We always supply a rainy-day idea so that on those days you have a backup plan to revert too!

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