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Remembrance Day (Lesson Plan) Poppy Poems

Remembrance Day (Lesson Plan) Poppy Poems

⇒Use Remembrance Day (Lesson Plan) Poppy Poems to take your children outside and allow them to pay tribute to the soldiers that fought bravely to give us the freedoms we have today. 

⇒Outdoor Learning Lesson Plan

We will experience:

  • How to be thoughtful and reflective
  • How to take time to appreciate others
  • Kindness 
  • What remembrance day is about 

The activities involved are: 

  • Art tasks
  • Wellbeing based
  • Team building 
  • Mindfulness

Top Tips to introduce remembrance day to young children: 

Explain to the children what Remembrance is about; around the start of November, we spend time thinking about all of the fallen that fought in wars to provide us with a safer future. At this stage, the children are a little too young to understand the complexities, but you may have some children who have lost family members and are reminded of their parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. If appropriate, utilise this and ask the children to stand up and talk a little about memories shared with them. It may also be worthwhile sending a letter out to parents and asking them if they have any memorabilia the children could share. What is essential to get across to the children is that the war was a shared tragedy and a shared effort, with many people working together to achieve peace. Explain to the children that today they will work together to create a poppy symbol of peace. The poppy symbolises the end of the First World War and the end of fighting and pain; it has since come to represent all wars. 

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