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Poetry Alliteration and Similes (Home Learning)


Home Learning Activity Poetry Alliteration and Similes

Use this pack to help your children flourish at home with this home learning activity.

Teachers: Try not to print this off, download and email to parents or take a screen shot and text.

Here are some outdoor learning activities explored in this pack.

  • Alliteration is when each word starts with the same letter—for example, Tall Trees Tickle. Watch this video clip with your child to hear some more examples of alliteration. Go for a family walk, see items such as birds, hills, conkers and make up some verbal sentences. Record your favourite ones on your phones or devices. Write them down when you return home.
  • A Simile is a figure of speech, comparing one thing with another thing of a different kind, such as, ‘As light as a feather’. This short video can help describe this further. Watch it together with your child. Then head outside and collect up some natural items such as rocks, bark, moss & sticks, and try to make up some similes for them. Record your child saying them on your phone. Then when you are back inside, write your favourites down. If your child is a visual learner and likes to draw, illustrate the lines of poetry with pictures.

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