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plants and seasons year 1

Plants and Seasons (Year1) Science Unit – Outdoor Scheme of Work

Plants and Seasons (Year1) Science Unit – Scheme of Work

This unit has been created so that you can observe plants, trees and seasons across the year, through all four
seasons. We feel this area of the curriculum is best done over four full days, one day in every season of the year. It will
involve lots of outdoor exploring, with some indoor work for recording, jotting thoughts down and reflecting. This is the
best and most manageable way to do this. Plot out a full day every season which will be the day you choose to embed
all of this learning. This will help you to dive deeper into this area of the curriculum and to explore it in all its natural

Giving it a name – ‘Muddy Season Day’ – ensures that all children are dressed appropriately for their day as a scientist
in great outdoors. It also helps to promote the day and get children excited. Find a letter for parents on our website –
search ‘Muddy Science Day Letter’. For more KS1 Science resources splash this way.

Recording – There is some recording to do and this can be saved in books you normally use, or create a journal and let
children record and save their work over the four days in there. This will be a powerful and easy tool to use to reflect
on at the end of the year, to look over and compare seasons.
Pictures – take lots of pictures so that this day can be shared on your social media channels and with parents. Maybe
think about having a Muddy Science Day display, sectioned into four areas so that each season can be presented as
you do them.

The woodland trust do a wonderful app that could be very useful to you and your class to identify trees and plants. Click here to download it.

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