personification ks2


Personification KS2

⇒This lesson is best achieved outdoors. 

⇒ Do it in all weathers

⇒ Uses natural resources 

⇒Single Lesson Plan

Use this action-packed lesson to help teach personification through active and nature-based ideas. Active learning can be a great way to engage pupils but also to include a more inclusive teaching approach to those who learn best via practical and hands-on experiences. Remember our approach is zero waste, every lesson gives a little hug to the planet. 

We will experience: 

  • How to use nature to inspire the content of our poetry.
  • To provide an artistic way to display my poem. 

Activities Include:

  • Art tasks with natural resources
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Messy fun 

Based around the poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordsworth. 

There are plenty of opportunities for PSED and team collaboration in this lesson plan. Check out the PSED resources area to use active methods. Look out for options as to whether you can do it in big indoor spaces or whether it’s better taught outdoors. Remember, you need a silver account to gain access to resources and train with us; go for Gold

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