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Outdoor Learning Training & Resources

Using our trademarked outdoor learing approach at The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we believe that the best classroom is the one without walls. Embrace the benefits of outdoor learning and let nature be your guide as you explore creative and engaging ways to teach children outside. Our resources are designed to inspire educators to integrate the natural environment into their lessons, fostering a love for learning, creativity, and environmental stewardship in children. Join us on a journey to make education more adventurous and impactful, one muddy puddle at a time. Dive into our innovative outdoor learning activities, practical tips, and supportive community to transform your teaching experience.


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CPD Outdoor Learning Training

Unlock the full potential of outdoor learning with our comprehensive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) teacher training programs. At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we equip educators with the skills and knowledge to transform their teaching practices and create dynamic, nature-based learning experiences. Our training sessions are designed to be practical, engaging, and directly applicable, ensuring you can confidently bring the classroom outdoors. Join our community of forward-thinking educators and take the first step towards a more engaging and impactful teaching journey. Explore our CPD courses today and inspire your students to thrive in and out of the classroom.

What a truly inspiring way to start our term! The PD day training with The Muddy Puddle Teacher was fantastic and the staff are excited to start their outdoor learning journey with the children. We are day two in to term and I have seen four outdoor lessons already!
Thank you from all of us at Churchside Federation.


Sarah Godbold

Executive Headteacher , The Churchside Federation

Absolutely fantastic. I’ve always tried to take learning outside, but this training showed how to make it easy and manageable, overcoming lots of the things that in the past I would have considered barriers. Lots of brilliant ideas that are transferable to different subjects and I can see so many benefits for the children of being outside, both to enhance their learning as well as improve their wellbeing. A really fun and informative day.

L Brown

Teacher , Westfield Primary

An excellent day of training

An excellent day of training. I feel really inspired to try out all the ideas that you have given me. Can’t wait to set up our outdoor classroom now.

Mrs Foley

Headteacher , Furneux Pelham Primary School (Ipswich)

What People Are Saying About The Muddy Puddle Teacher

At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we are proud to have a community of passionate educators who appreciate our innovative approach to outdoor learning. Here’s what some of our users have to say:

Transformative Teaching Resources

“Our outdoor lessons have never been more engaging! The resources from The Muddy Puddle Teacher have transformed our approach to teaching, making learning fun and interactive for our students.

– Emily, Primary School Teacher

Practical and Inspiring

“The CPD training provided practical tips that I could implement immediately. The Muddy Puddle Teacher’s approach is inspiring and has rejuvenated my teaching practice.”


– John, Key Stage 2 Educator

Exceptional Community Support

“Being part of The Muddy Puddle Teacher community has been invaluable. The support and ideas shared by fellow educators have enriched my lessons and boosted my confidence in outdoor teaching.”

– Sarah, Early Years Teacher

Engaging and Effective

“My students are more motivated and engaged during our outdoor activities. The lesson plans are easy to follow and highly effective. Thank you, Muddy Puddle Teacher!”


– Lucy, Reception Teacher

Innovative and Fun

“The outdoor learning activities are not only educational but also a lot of fun. My students love exploring and learning outside the classroom.”

– Mark, Year 1 Teacher

Explore more of what our community has to say and see why educators trust The Muddy Puddle Teacher to enhance their teaching practices.

Early Years Outdoor Learning Resources

At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we believe that the best learning happens outside the classroom. Our Early Years Outdoor Learning Resources are designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and nurture a love for nature in young children. These resources provide educators with practical, engaging activities that align with early years curriculum goals, helping to create memorable and impactful learning experiences in natural settings. Dive into our extensive collection of lesson plans, activity guides, and hands-on tools, and watch your students thrive as they explore the world around them. Embrace the outdoors and transform your teaching with The Muddy Puddle Teacher.

KS1 Outdoor Learning Resources

Unlock the magic of the great outdoors with our Key Stage 1 (KS1) Outdoor Learning Resources. At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we provide a wealth of engaging and educational activities designed specifically for young learners. Our resources help teachers integrate nature into their curriculum, enhancing students’ understanding of key concepts through hands-on, experiential learning. From science and math to literacy and art, our outdoor activities foster curiosity, creativity, and a love for the environment. Transform your teaching and inspire your students to discover the wonders of nature with our comprehensive KS1 resources. Join us in making education more adventurous and impactful!. 

KS2 Outdoor Learning Resources

Elevate your Key Stage 2 (KS2) teaching with The Muddy Puddle Teacher’s Outdoor Learning Resources. Our carefully curated collection of activities and lesson plans is designed to bring the curriculum to life in the great outdoors. Foster critical thinking, creativity, and a deep connection to nature in your students with hands-on, experiential learning that covers subjects from science and geography to literacy and art. Our resources empower educators to transform their teaching practices, making learning more dynamic and engaging. Step outside the classroom and watch your students thrive with our comprehensive KS2 outdoor learning materials.

Discover the Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning offers numerous advantages for students, from improved academic performance to enhanced mental and physical well-being. At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we provide resources that make it easy to integrate nature into your teaching practice, ensuring a holistic and engaging educational experience.

  1. Enhanced Academic Performance: Studies show that students who learn outdoors are more motivated and focused, leading to better academic outcomes. Read more about the academic benefits.
  2. Improved Mental Health: Nature-based learning reduces stress and anxiety, boosting overall emotional well-being. Learn more about the mental health benefits.
  3. Physical Health Benefits: Outdoor activities encourage physical movement, promoting better health and fitness. Discover how outdoor learning promotes physical health.
  4. Social Skills Development: Collaborative outdoor activities improve social interactions and teamwork skills among students. Explore the social benefits.
  5. Environmental Stewardship: Exposure to nature fosters a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Read about fostering environmental stewardship.

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CPD Teacher Training

Embrace the outdoors and transform your teaching with The Muddy Puddle Teacher’s resources, ensuring a dynamic and impactful learning experience for your students.