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BlOG: Outdoor Learning: The Future of Education in a Socially Distant Society

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For many years, schools have viewed Outdoor Learning as an approach to education and as just one of the many ways to do things. With the Coronavirus, all bets are off. Working out how we are going to take learning outside in the UK is now a must. Rather than starting from scratch, outdoor learning is already being openly practiced in the UK, with results that may even be beginning to outperform traditional classroom-based learning. However, rather than some sort of educational free-for-all, Outdoor Learning can be a structured, curriculum-led practice and – at The Muddy Puddle Teacherwe’re leading the field.

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With Outdoor Learning, there may be a stronger element of allowing children to find their own way, but this is within a fixed lesson plan that follows a set flow that enables and empowers children.

As a practice, a lot of teaching practice has moved away from facilitating learning, jumping in to help children at the first signs of struggle or resistance and piecing the elements together for the child. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Outdoor Learning Approach offers nurture on a different level, where the child has every thing they need to create that moment of connection for themselves; they are surrounded by Mother Nature, using tools of common currency within their age group, such as sticks and leaves, and still following the National Curriculum.

As a return to school looms large on the horizon, UK educators can instantly turn to Outdoor Learning providers for support, knowledge and with a system that’s ready to implement. Although there is much speculation about a return in the summer term, socially-distant schooling will still be a reality in September and beyond. That’s when UK schools will need to ensure that their outdoor learning supplier is fit for all weathers (apart from extreme wind).

The Muddy Puddle Teacher has seen a sharp rise in enquiries since the Government’s announcement about a phased return to school in England. CEO of The Muddy Puddle Teacher, Sarah Seaman, invites more schools to get in touch. Sarah comments, These are unprecedented times and, as a nation, we are having to learn to live with a new normal. This is just as relevant to schools. As the CEO of an Outdoor Learning specialist education provider, I want to take the opportunity to speak directly to school leadership teams – You can implement an outdoor learning approach with much more ease and confidence than ever before. We are already in schools, offering a tried-and-tested product. We understand what needs to be done and are committed to helping you get ready to welcome your children back, whenever that maybe”.

Able to be implemented on a much quicker scale than forest school-style learning, The Muddy Puddle Teacher has a ready-to-go programme that can be rolled out at any school. Using natural and upcycled resources to learn with, The Muddy Puddle Teacher works with the resources you already have.

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