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Sarah Seaman, BSc/PGCE/MA.

Sarah, better known in her industry as ”The Muddy Puddle Teacher,” is an inspirational, educational author, teacher and consultant who created a teaching approach that helps neurodivergent children flourish academically.

Over 23,000 teachers are trained on her unique teaching approach in the UK, with over 500+ whole school state, nursery and SEND-trained schools. One of her special needs schools is a hub of excellence declared by the Scottish Government. They all happily teach academic lessons outside, from embedding multiplication on giant chalkboards to practising punctuation through racing and tag games. (view here). 

Sarah, who also has dyslexia and ADHD, also speaks about her incredible personal journey, learning how she best learns, from a lower-ability child to an adult with two degrees, a master’s, a published book and a thriving business. She is also a proud mum to two girls, one of whom is thriving with her neurodivergence. 

Sarah is a very experienced educational speaker, with her first book published by Bloomsbury (view here); she has just completed her second, which will be out in 2025. Sarah appears weekly on BBC Radio Sheffield as a teacher expert alongside radio host Becky Measures and has done so for three years. She also makes ad-hoc appearances on other BBC Radio Shows as and when needed, such as BBC Radio Derby and BBC Radio 3. 

Sarah has spoken at numerous events/universities and schools, with more booked this year, including the Education Festival, Play2Conference, Sheffield University, Sheffield Hallam and Edge Hill University. In 2022, Sarah won an MP award for her business at the Houses of Parliament; she is now part of the Savvitas group, a parliament-run inspirational women’s group and attends parliament four times a year. 

She has over 50,000 followers on her Facebook group, 14+ on TikTok and Instagram and a popular podcast, listen in

Her audience includes headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants, childminders, nannies, home educators, forest school leaders, outdoor enthusiasts and parents with neurodivergent children. 

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