Outdoor Learning School Award

The Muddy Puddle Teacher ® is a registered trademark and was created by teacher Sarah Seaman in 2018.  Sarah used her teaching background and Level 3 Forest School training to fuse an approach that could be managed in educational settings no matter the size or surface and linked to the curriculum. The approach also uses only natural and upcycled materials which is a simple but unique quality to the approach to help reduce running costs, bond children with nature, support well-being and reduce the time to prep and put down to 0%.

This outdoor learning award and accreditation is for those schools that have embedded the Muddy Puddle Teacher approach have an assigned Muddy Puddle Teacher Coordinator and now want to go for the award and gain a whole school trophy, crest and praise!

What does this involve? 

This involves the school doing an outdoor learning audit on the school and evidencing where their achievements are in all areas of the muddy puddle approach.  It is a step by step guide and as ever you will also have the aid of a teacher consultant should you ever need this.  It is a prestigious award and allows parents and future employees what you stand for and what you believe in.

You will then be assessed and one of our team will visit you for a quick chat and a look around.

Who can do the award? 

There are different audits for:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Childminders


How can you start?

This is a stand alone payment and can be purchased in our Muddy Shop

Or get a whole school subscription with discounts Click here to get a quote.