Outdoor Learning Safety Information

Please be aware that all activities are done at your own risk.  You are responsible for the care of the children and their safety when you teach outdoors. However we can suggest some pointers for good practice. 

  • Ensure managers and leaders are aware of what you are doing and that you have told them about the activities involved. 
  • Parents also need to be informed and we have consent sheets to download here.
  • Be aware of individual needs and SEND whereby additional risks are involved we do care plans here. 
  • Use our safety videos to educate the children about how to safely use sticks and rocks and carefully observe the children when using this. Click here for the videos.  
  • Encourage children to use feet first then hands when they are picking off the floor. 
  • Ensure the area has been checked before you allow children out to explore. 
  • Always risk assess the space with the children every time you go out so you can discuss changes in weather and safety.
  • You should have an outdoor learning policy in place and risk assessments that have natural resources and loose parts play on. Subscribers get access to this here. 
  • Ensure a behaviour policy is in place for when you are outside and it’s shared with parents. 
  • Have all policies on your website. 
  • Children must have the right clothing for going out in all weathers, if there clothing is not appropriate they should not go outside. 
  • Adhere to COVID policies and principles and any other the school and setting hold. 
  • If you are unsure about any of this or need further guidance we can give tips at info@themuddypuddleteacher.co.uk
  • The Institute of Outdoor Learning provide lots of great help in this blog post and a safety sheet here.