Bespoke Consultation Service

Our consultation service is one of the most effective ways to set up The Muddy Puddle Approach at your school. Outdoor learning is not easy and if your school has barriers that need lifting and staff inspiring then this is a the perfect service for you. There is no school or nursery in the world that can not do outdoor learning. It does not matter about your space, resources or budget we will make outdoor learning work at your school by tailoring our manageable outdoor learning approach to your children, your staff and your setting. All consultations are delivered by creator of the Muddy Puddle Approach Sarah. Sarah is unique in her experiences to outdoor learning as well as having helped and seen hundreds of schools all over the country get outside! If you have a specific request, you want Sarah to focus on then this can be achieved. Such as: • Improving continuous provision • Staff engagement • Clothing • Engaging parents and communities • Raising moral • Resourcing • Whole school set up or key stage/year group specific • Planning and assessment • Safety However many of these areas are covered in our approach so you could just opt for us to come and tailor our approach to you.