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BLOG: Outdoor Learning at Home Ideas

Outdoor Learning at Home can often be somewhat a drain if the child has been at their desk all day.  So why not try some of our favourite activities to do with children of junior age and KS2 to get them outside and enjoying being active and child-like. 

Outdoor learning is often associated with younger children and there is no reason for that to be the case.  Older children need just as much of an excuse to get outside as the younger children do.  If anything the older children probably move and go out less because of their entertainment being based around many solo based technology related activities.  

If you know that lots of children in your class go home, watch TV, play computer games and get obsessed with their ipad then maybe this is a great pack you pass over for home learning. Or in periods when the children need to work from home. 

Here are some free tips to help…

  1. Build Dens
  2. Go on hikes and walks.  Plot those walks and calculate how many miles you have done and how many more you could do. 
  3. Look for wildlife and talk about how you can help them and what they eat. 

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The guardian also has an ample amount of ideas for you to keep this momentum up at home head to this aarticle to provide you with some awesome home learning ideas to keep parent and child bonding while learning and havin fun. Use this article.

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