open bamboo method

Open Bamboo Method

Open Bamboo Method 

This is an outdoor learning method created by The Muddy Puddle Teacher and involves the simple garden cane!  What length of bamboo you use is up to you however we have various lengths and all will give you very different outcomes.  Think of it like this, the larger the canes you use the more people involved, the smaller the cane the group involved gets smaller. 


Here is an example of a lesson: The children are learning to count in 8’s.  The children make a ladder using bamboo sticks with 10 steps.  The children start at the bottom and jump up the ladder counting in 8’s.  Remember to jump back too!


Here are a few more examples:


  • Counting 
  • Timestables
  • Spelling
  • Rhyming words
  • Alliteration
  • Fact Building

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