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one a day nature words

One a Day Nature Words -Book One – (Vocabulary Builder Early Years)

One a Day Nature Words – BOOK ONE -(Vocabulary Builder Early Years)

This resource comes in two documents. Download BOOK TWO.

⇒This eBook (PDF Format) can be read outdoors or indoors, with tasks to do outdoors after

⇒Vocabulary Builder 5 minute task every day 

We will experience:

  • Listening to a word, pronouncing a new word, explaining and being explained to the meaning of a word
  • 190 words in total, one for every day of the school year

The activities involved are: 

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Games
  • Speech and language

Helping children to develop their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them is imperative. Especially more so now our children have a lot of technology-based toys that they play with that take them from the natural, real-world to made-up places and imaginary spaces. 

Teaching children words with real pictures is very important in their understanding; anything you can find to support these physical words is a great addition too. 

Remember, we can give you the skills to do this by enrolling in our CPD Outdoor Learning Training. It is online and easy to do with little to no coursework, just lots of easy to join in and learn from videos and audio clips. 

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