nativity ideas packs

Nativity Ideas Pack (Take it Outside!)

Use Nativity ideas pack to use natural resources and take the learning of this area outside. 

There is something very organic and special about connecting with religion outside with nature. 

For those of you home educating try some of these FREE home eLearning ideas taken from the Nativity activity pack ideas: 

  • Set up a nativity scene at home, perhaps using a nativity set you may have, or using small play figures to represent the different characters.
  • Share the story of the nativity. You may have a nativity storybook
  •  at home, or you could make your own set!
  • Watch the story together, perhaps watch the animated Christmas film; The Star, or a clip you can find online.

We have an extensive religious education range all outdoors and written by our muddy puddle teacher trained teachers. 

Check out the full range here. 
Cbeebies also do a lovely short clip that is great to watch before and after these tasks.

Going on a Journey

After the angel had visited Mary and told her that she would have a baby, they had to take a long journey back to Bethlehem, Joseph’s homeland, where they would need to be registered in the census to be counted by Caesar. Ask the children to ‘travel together’ around your area, perhaps in a follow the leader style. Talk about the different routes you can take, around, over and under things they find in their way. Talk about how Mary and Joseph may have felt as they travelled. Explain that it was close to the time when the baby would be born, and they had to leave everything behind to take a long and difficult journey. This could also be a good opportunity to practice some counting, perhaps in ones first, as the children walk past a counter, then twos as they walk in pairs, etc.

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