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outdoor yoga for kids

Outdoor Yoga childrens (All ages)

Traditionally Childrens Yoga has always been done outdoors.  In the fresh air nature can reinforce your breathing and nurture your inner calm.  Use Outdoor Yoga for children for some child-orientated muddy ideas that will support mental and physical well-being. Outdoor Yoga for children is one of our most downloaded products.

Here are three top tips to get yoga for children outside!

  1. Head to a grassy area and take your shoes off, lots of research suggests that taking your shoes and socks off helps ground children, giving them better balance but also it is good for their mental and physical health.  Plus the kids are more likely to relax. 
  2. Try some of these Yoga for Kids poses – the tree pose.  Arms out and spread. Feet wide.  Or the acorn, crouch down and made a ball.  What is fun about yoga is that it can be themed into anything so go with what your child’s interests are and get them to make the poses up as well. 
  3. Do not expect the children to hold poses as long as the adults do, it is not going to happen!  However, do build on it.  Try just working on one yoga pose they can hold for a second and the next time try and hold it for 2 and so on. Well worth giving Cosmic Kids a go however, we feel our outside nature yoga is much more beneficial than a screen! 

Yoga for Kids the benefits:

  • Helps children be mindful and give their brains a break
  • Helps children get off those screens
  • Stretching is good for well-being and general happiness
  • Yoga is also great for keeping children fit and flexible
  • Yoga also holistically is one of the best forms of physical activity a child can do! 

Our muddy resources support all curriculums and we use only natural resources so any school, anywhere can use our approach. Including Early Years Framework, NC, CfE, American Curriculums.

Watch the MPT safety videos to help you practice the best outdoor learning methods. These videos are also useful for those practising forest school.

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Outdoor learning has long been a method used in schools, but has it ever been managed well? No doubt, it is hard work to take the learning outside because of the weather and seasons. However, it’s also the weather and seasons that make it so fabulous too. There are many worthwhile institutes that can help make you more knowledgable in the area such as IOL.

There are also many other wonderful charities motivating schools, nurseries and teachers to educate children on the environment, reduce waste, look after nature and to go outside more. Encouraging early years children to be more environmentally friendly at school is a great start into a promising future for our world. By going outside more we are encouraging children to take a lot more notice of their environment and the nature within it. Try visiting the woodland trust for free trees and seeds to help you with your muddy journey. Click here.

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