The Muddy Puddle Teacher

How does our approach ensure quality learning when outdoors?

Simple! We follow the three Muddy M’s.

The Muddy M’s stop that inside teacher coming out and makes us concentrate on what it is about the outside, that makes it such a powerful place to learn.

Mother Nature – We try to use natural resources wherever possible.  To increase the environmental impact, the connection with nature and sensory opportunities.

Muddy Movers – We try to encourage children to enjoy active sessions, that get them out of breath and allow them to use their energy and play.

Mental Strength – We will try to use the benefits the outside brings to improve teacher and mental strength by allowing the natural sounds, weather and calming resources to make us appreciate ourselves, connect with others and feel confident in own skin.

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The Muddy Puddle Teacher ®

An outdoor teaching approach created by teachers for teachers

Reduce overall teacher workload | Make outdoor learning manageable | Enjoy the physical and mental well-being benefits for teacher and child

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‘Learning outside for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour, say, researchers’, Telegraph article click here to read more.