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Me and my Vitiligo (Outdoor eBook Diversity Range)

Me and my Vitiligo (Outdoor eBook Diversity Range)

⇒Use Me and my Vitiligo (Outdoor eBook Diversity Range) to take PSED/PSHE outside using nature to help children understand diversity! Beautifully crafted natural way for children to understand their differences. 

⇒Outdoor eBook, read inside and do the activities outside. 

We will experience:

  • What Vitiligo is and what it looks like
  • How it feels to have Vitiligo
  • How to reflect on our differences and unify as a group

The activities involved are: 

  • Practical
  • Creative
  • Speaking and Listening methods
  • Reflecting
  • Teamwork

Try using this stunning video, ‘The Present’ to help children recognise how difficult it can be for children with differences and how accepting we can be of it. 

We have a fantastic Outdoor eBook Range The Muddy Puddle Teacher. Unique to us and only find them here at Muddy Puddles. Use the search bar to search for your specific area, or use live chat to ask us to make it. This pack was made through a request from a Year 1 child. 

Why should every good teacher take their learning outside? Read the article.

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