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outdoor continuous provision

Outdoor Maths Continuous Provision Ideas

Outdoor Maths Continuous Provision

In a nutshell:

Trying to make continuous provision areas that are maths related can be hard but not when you do it the Muddy way.  This resource was created by Muddy Teacher Kathryn who has years of expertise in outdoor learning and is one of our finest Muddy Teachers.  Let her pack give you the inspiration and ideas that will save you time so you can spend more time at home with your family!

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Cardboard chaos day is a fabulous low-cost day whereby the children reuse and recycle cardboard boxes.  Why not give it a go? Comes with an assembly pack and year group ideas. 

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Forest School ToolSafety Poster

Forest School ToolSafety Poster

What does this resource include? 1 x Forest School Tool Safety Poster How can I use this resource?  Use the Forest School Tool Safety Poster to help remind you of how to use tools safely in your woodland or forest.  What are the curriculum links? English/Literacy...