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KS1 Home Learning Pack

Use KS1 Home Learning Pack to help parents get their children out in active and fun ways while still embedding educational objectives.  For most children, they learn better when the learning presented to them allows them to move and socialise lots.  This back is perfect for this and will help parents make memories with their children too. 

There is something magical about the outdoors and your parents will thank you for sending so many great ideas there way!

Take some of these KS1 Mathematics Ideas as guidance on ways to send more outdoor learning home. 


There are lots of opportunities to practice and extend children’s understanding of numbers while playing and exploring outdoors. Each of these ideas can work within the range of numbers children are comfortable with; begin with the numbers they are familiar with, before extending them a little further.

  • Number formation: children can use sticks in mud, chalk on a path or strings laid out on the ground, for instance, to practice correctly forming digits on the ground.
  • Counting objects: encourage children to collect naturally-found objects in a sustainable manner and to count their collections. They could count in ones, twos, fives etc. Collections of objects can also be counted and compared, looking at which one has more or less; greater or fewer items.
  • Count as you go: as you go out for a walk, you can easily incorporate some fun counting – perhaps counting in ones, twos, fives or tens – as you walk along. Jumping, skipping or twirling while you count are also great ways to include some mathematics into your walk.

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Forest School ToolSafety Poster

Forest School ToolSafety Poster

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