Kids Learn Better When They’re Muddy

Kids Learn Better When They’re Muddy

In schools, things are changing. With a decades-long legacy of insisting that children can only learn in a formal classroom setting, it would seem that the worm is turning. At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we’re leading this change from the front, worms and all.

Education is going back to basics by leaving the classroom for great outdoor spaces and the benefits are palpable. The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach combines the best of curriculum-based learning with natural tools, such as sticks and stones, with the passing seasons and weathers.

With a rising number of schools investing in outdoor learning, it’s clear to the team at The Muddy Puddle that they’re on the right track, but it’s also clear that they need to reach as many children as possible. With a growing number of UK schools adopting the Muddy Puddle approach and advocates from schools in the US, Canada and Australia, CEO of The Muddy Puddle Teacher, Sarah Seaman, invites more schools to get in touch. Sarah comments, “I have been a teacher for over a decade and I know what it’s like to stand at the front of the classroom and try to bring 30 different little minds along with you. Formal classroom teaching simply doesn’t suit everyone, but every child excels when they move to the outdoor learning space. I’ve worked hard to make the approach work for any school setting, from an idyllic country village to an innercity school, with only a small outdoor space. Every child will grow and benefit from this approach – let’s make a difference to as many little lives as possible.”


Forest school-style learning will get classes outside but it can be hard to do this for short periods of time – and this is where Muddy Puddle Teacher is different. With a ready-to-go programme that can be rolled out at any school, Muddy Puddle Teacher places children face to face with the natural world and equips them with natural and upcycled resources to learn with.

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