Improve wellbeing in your school by doing more Outdoor Learning

Improve wellbeing in your school by doing more Outdoor Learning

Improve wellbeing in your school by doing more Outdoor Learning 

Wellbeing has to be on every educators agenda.  First and foremost it is the children’s confidence and overall happiness that is paramount. If the children do not feel good then how can we expect them to concentrate and learn. 

Think about how you feel when you’re anxious, upset or low.  It is hard to think about anything else other than that feeling. If any of the children in your class feel like this it could be a barrier and a reason as to why they are not making as much progress as desired. 

So how can you achieve this?  Some schools have started to recognise that better wellbeing methods need to be in place and have schemes and set sessions.  But all that sounds lots of extra learning for the teachers and extra time.  Time and energy they don’t have. 

But we have the answer and it’s so simple and it’s so magnificent that it will change your setting forever. 

Teach more outside! There is so much research that suggests time outside helps improve the wellbeing of everyone, particularly when you’re around nature. 

The Muddy Puddle Teacher is a teaching approach and we use an outside-in approach because we know the difference of going outside more has on overall teacher-wellbeing and the children’s behaviour and attitudes towards learning. For some children their time outside is the best bit of the day and we want the children to have their childhood, to embrace and teasure it.

 So what are you going to do more of next week?  Go outside! Even an extra 10 minutes a day is going to make the world of difference. Plus we are always happy to help and we have a 14 day free trial for you to access all of our resources.  Splash this way!

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