solids,liquids and gases

Hunt for Solids, Liquids & Gases

Hunt for Solids Liquids & Gases to get the children outside applying their Science and wonder of the world the muddy puddle way! 

This is an ideal sheet to send home to parents or to as part of a lesson. 

Here are some top tips to help with the Hunt for Solids Liquids & Gases :

  1. Start with natural objects then move onto man-made. 
  2. Write names of objects on cones and sort them into their categories. 
  3. Play games, give each child a solid, liquid and gas and let them find others in their category. 

We support everything that is about nature and to get your class involved too please head over to some of these fabulous charities. There are many charities supporting the cause for nocturnal animals such as Bats, Hedgehogs and Badgers.
This site can also help with some great ideas of ways to explain this.

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