Use Habitats ideas pack to help you get your class hands-on with this area of Science this year.  Teaching this kind of area indoors is just not as well benefited as it is when you take it out of the classroom.  

Children will use lots of imaginative and creative skills by suing this pack as well as having the time, space and freedom to fully understand what a habitat is and how animal survive outside.  Often in all weather and seasons. 

Take the famous Muddy Puddle Caterpillar Walk for example:

Caterpillar walk

Go on a caterpillar walk. Put a hand on the shoulder of the person in front and walk round your outdoor space looking for habitats.  

– Look up and look for bird habitats. 

– Look around for night time animal habitats, such as dens and burrows 

– Look small for tiny animal habitats, such as spider webs, holes for woodlouse.

Become a trained Muddy Puddle Teacher ®

Then, let the children explore and see if they can find their own. Hand out magnifying glasses and split out into teams.   

This pack will take you out of the class but we also offer and inspire work that you can do inside: 

Try some of these: 

  • Make posters and presentations to show and educate other children in the school about leaving wild spaces and trying not to walk all over nature. 
  • Respect spaces, plants and animals and keep to paths. Make newsletters to illustrate this. 
  • Just by doing this, you may be saving many little creatures lives and saving their habitats. Do a poll and see how you benefit this area. 
  • Join a wildlife club and start to appreciate and educate your children of the importance of caring for nature. 

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