Glorious Graffiti Game

Glorious Graffiti Game

Glorious Graffiti Game – 10-minute art brain break 

⇒Use Glorious Graffiti Game to take your children outside while embedding art skills, or use it as part of a starter activity focused on children embracing graffiti art. 

⇒Outdoor Lesson

We will experience:

  • Graffiti art 
  • Inspiration from graffiti artists 
  • Voting and being part of a team

The activities involved are: 

  • Practical
  • Creative
  • Speaking and Listening methods
  • Reflecting
  • Teamwork

Try using this video to help teach the children about graffiti art and its history. 

We have a fantastic art range. Use the search bar at the top to find more on Keith Haring and Andy Goldsworthy

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