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Five free Outdoor Christmas Ideas

Five free Outdoor Christmas Ideas

Getting the children outside in all weathers is really important for their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Plus it’s really educational too and gets you and your child talking. 

Here are our five free Outdoor Christmas ideas to with your kids this Christmas….

  1. Go on a Chrissmassy muddy walk. 

Take a walk and a little bag and some scissors and collect up some natural bits that will look great as the centerpiece for your Christmas Meal.  Why not sing a few carols on the way. 

     2. Make a leaf wreath. 

Get some willow soak in water overnight then thread lots of leaves onto it until full, bend into a circle attached with string and there you have a lovely leaf wreath.  

     3. Make Christmas dinner for the birds.  Squish oats into lard and then attach string.  Hand in your trees for a lovely birdie surprise. 

    4. Give to others.  There is lots of wildlife out there hungry and cold.  Put out some meat for the foxes who will come out less this time of year but still would love a bit of yummy food to eat. 

    5. Make a stick elf.  Go on a walk, find a lovely stick and other natural materials that could work as ears, shoes and an outfit.  Take them home and make them into a stick person elf.  

Want to get more packs about supporting wildlife, head to the RSPB who have many educational packs. 
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