filling up a bucket

Filling up a Wellbeing Bucket (Early Years Outdoors)

Filling up a wellbeing bucket could not be more perfect for The Muddy Puddle Teachers. We are all about wellbeing and to focus on something so important in such a simple way is lots of fun.  

Use this lesson plan to teach a lesson outside that will encourage children to pick natural items up and to pop those in their bucket.  The children will focus on being thankful of others, to take ownership of their own feelings and to spread kindness. Filling up a wellbeing bucket is a great start to any term.

Have you filled a bucket today is a popular book being used in schools.  Bucket filling and bucket dipping are popular terms used. Buy the book.

How can you be a bucket filler? 

  • Say kind words to others
  • Share and take turns
  • Let others speak and listen

What is a bucket dipper? 

  • Using negative language
  • Hurting others physically or with words
  • Not sharing and taking from others

Need a moral boost? Looking for more about your own wellbeing? Splash over to the Muddy Wellbeing Hub and listen to some poddcasts to help raise your own self esteem. Our wellbeing hub is a supportive tool to help teahers manage their stress, workload and family life.

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