filling a bucket ks2

Filling up a Bucket (KS2)

Use Filling up a Bucket KS2 to take your wellbeing lessons outside sing natural resources to inspire you.

This lesson can be adapted easily to do inside or outside. Give learners a container each with their name on. These will be their ‘buckets’. Explain that everyone carries around an invisible bucket. It carries your good thoughts and feelings about yourself. You feel happy when your bucket is full of good things but you feel very sad and lonely when your bucket is empty. The way that our buckets work is simple – you need other people to fill your bucket and they need you to fill theirs.

You fill a bucket when you show kindness towards others. If you do this, you are a ‘Bucket Filler’.

Watch this viceo to learn more about this very popular book.

For more ‘Filling up a Bucket’ resources please head over here to see packs for other ranges.

Here are a few KS2 teacging tips on ways to fill others buckets up:

  • Pay people compliments
  • When you want omeone to do something ask politley and watch the other person respond a lot more positively
  • Have a laugh. Laughing with another person makes both of you feel good. So sometimes remember to be a kid, be silly and the best place for that is outside!

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