phase 3 book 1

eBook Phase 3 – Book 1 (jvwx)

Use the eBook Phase 3 – Book 1 to practice these sounds jvwx. 

This is an interactive book that the children will take outdoors on a device. It will encourage the children to work in pairs, co-read, and then act out their sentences to show they have understood what they have read. 

It is an original, unique, and fun way to get children to find their love for reading. 

What other ways can you encourage children to find their love for reading? 

  1. Let the children pick the books and let them have a choice with what they read. 
  2. Talk about the book and encourage the children to talk about their own experiences, so they can start to see a book has meaning and purpose to them.
  3. Show the children that reading has purpose go to s shop and read the signs, share magazines. 
  4. Do not force children to read; each child will find it in their own time. 

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