DIY baby toys

DIY Baby Toys Activity Pack

Use DIY Baby Toys Activity Pack to help you come up with free toys that you can make from unused items around you while still giving your baby lots of educational opportunities.

Using natural and upcycled item to make DIY Baby Toys is our thing so if you are looking for other packs similar to this try this Pine Cones Activity Pack.

Homemamde Sensory toys can have a lot of educational benefits for babies. This is their first and earliest form of communicating and understanding the world. Ensure that you also involve your baby when you make these toys that is an important process on its own.

Here are our top three homemade baby toys!

  1. Yoghurt cup shakers – fill with rice and cover with greasproof paper!
  2. Potty Drums – cover your pans with cardboard and drum away!
  3. Use bowls and let your children feel things like beans, water and coconut pil! Ensure they do not put them in their mouths.

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