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crafting with upcycled materials

Crafting with upcycled materials

Use Crafting with upcycled materials to appreciate the joys and creativity that can be gained from your junk. It is a gift to show children how reusing and recycling is beneficial to cost and our planet. Plus the children love it!

Here are two top tips to crafting through outdoor learning and natural materials.

  1. Collect your junk and store it in a cupboard, ask parents to bring their junk in too so you constantly have a stock.
  2. Go for walks at weekends and collect up natural resources so that your crafting is relevant and seasonal which will draw excellent speech and language skills from your children. 
  3. Use what is out in your yards and surrounding areas and allow children the chance to help you too. 

Teaching children about the world around them, how to care for it and to use what they have around them has never been so important. 

There are some excellent charities working hard at raising awareness of plastics and their use and it is well worth looking into what there is in your local area. Try using this pack from BBC Bitesize to help educate your children more on the uses of upcycling. We also have a wonderful event we hold each year ‘Ditch the Plastic Day’ to help raise awareness of the dangers too much plastics presents. Head this way to get the whole school pack of ideas.


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