country dancing for kids

Country Dancing Instructions

Country Dancing for kids

ā‡’This lesson can be done outside or in a hall space.Ā 

ā‡’ Do it in all weathers

ā‡’Single Lesson Plan

Use Country Dancing for kids to help the children connect as a class while learning to listen in and follow instructions.Ā 

Warm your children up with thisĀ country dance. Then, try some of the dances in this ideas packā€”a perfect active activity forĀ Harvest Festival,Ā Farm themes,Ā and other country-related activities. At the end of your lesson invite the children to make up their own country dances.Ā 

Country Dancing for kids is fun and it gets the children active. Following instructions and dance routines require the children to remember steps of instructions and are an excellent way to help them remember information and follow it up in a fun way!Ā 

Country dancing is a social dance that requires more than one person to gain the benefits of its form. According to theĀ Wikipedia website, Country Dancing originated in England in the 15th century and influenced courtly dances. Elizabeth I of England was a big fan! Today there are many forms of Country Dancing, bringing groups of people together, connecting and having a blast!Ā Ā 

There are plenty of opportunities for physical activity in our lesson plans, not just those specifically for PE. All of our ideas are active! Every single one! Next time why not try ourĀ KS1 Religious EducationĀ resources. Look out for options as to whether you can do it in big indoor spaces or whether it’s better taught outdoors. Remember, you need aĀ silver accountĀ to gain access to resources and train with us; go forĀ Gold.Ā 

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