cones gone wlld

Cones Gine Wild (Outdoor Teaching Method)

This is an outdoor learning method whereby an objective is practiced or taught by creating a game situation whereby a child uses cones, big spaces and works with others to achieve this. For example, a child is learning their five times tables. The answers are written on the cones and the children have to run to the correct answer as a teacher recalls a calculation. The teacher calls 4 x 5 = the child then runs (hopefully) to 20. They run back, pass the baton to a friend and it is then their turn to race. The cones can be written on by using a chalk pen and wiped off easily with soap and water after. See our YouTube channel for clips of these activities happening. Remember all of our online resources include these methods so use the search bar, search for an objective and let us do the work for you!

Cones are so versatile and once you start using them, other ideas will come to you.

Note that in KS2 and Second Stage, we do not always suggest you take the whole lesson out. Instead, we suggest using the method Outdoor Chunking and if it suits you, better take parts of a lesson out. 

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