Compass Skills

Compass Skills

Compass Skills: KS1 Geography

⇒Use the Compass Skills Lesson Plan to take Geography outside in its rightful place! Fieldwork and hands-on experience at this stage are imperative to children’s conceptual understanding of geography. 

⇒Instructions with cards to use

We will experience:

  • How to play with and have fun with a compass. 
  • How to use simple compass directions such as North, South, East and West.
  • How to learn rhymes to help us better remember the four directions of a compass.
  • How to draw a compass using creative artistic methods. 

The activities involved are: 

  • Practical
  • Creative
  • Speaking and Listening methods
  • Physical Activity
  • Team Work 

This short film is a good introduction to help educators first introduce Geography and map reading in particular watch now.

We have a fantastic geography range at The Muddy Puddle Teacher. Use the search bar to search for your specific area or use live chat to ask us to make it. This pack was made through a request from a Year 2 teacher in Birmingham. Give it a try. 

Why should every good teacher take their learning outside? Read the article.

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