mad cash dash

Children In Need : The Mad Cash Dash

Children In Need : The Mad Cash Dash


This is a great event to also do as a whole school and add an element of competition and help raise more money. 

Repeat the process of asking parents to bring labelled money in and each class then go outside with their money and create their class’s money line. All have the same starting point, so you can see the longest line by the end if you have the space to do so. If not, you may have to wind the money snake around into a spiral shape. Once each class has finished adding their money, ask the older children to measure the lines, add up the amount and find out how much each class has raised. Finally, hold an assembly and give two awards.  

  • The class that had the longest line. 
  • The class who raised the most money.  

Remember to discuss why the length may have been longer but the value lesser; why is that?

Have fun then involving the children to add up each class’s amount and how much your fantastic school raised altogether. Finish with a storytime story from Pudsey Bear; watch here. For more on children in need, head to their website

Top Tips

  • Once you have collected all of your money, how do you get it changed? Many banks will accept loose change or head to a supermarket. Many have loose change convertors. 
  • It is best to start this in the afternoon as many will probably use the yard space for morning play and lunchtime. 


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