Celebrations Celebrating New Year

Celebrations Celebrating New Year

Celebrations Celebrating New Year

⇒This lesson is best done outdoors and uses natural resources. 

⇒ Do it in all weathers. 

⇒Single Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Aims

We will experience: 

  •  The purpose of a New Year and why people celebrate it and how it makes them feel. 
  • We will create our own New Year’s resolutions, targets and goals.

A fantastic lesson plan exploring New Year celebrations through practical dance activities and art-based tasks. 

All over the world, people celebrate New Year and all with unique traditions. Through our active-learning methods, we help children appreciate this and embrace our differences and see them as positives. 

Understanding the purpose of New Year helps children think about how humans live life in yearly cycles and that within that are the months of the year and days of the week.  Make sure you facilitate time to discuss with the children what they do yearly? Do we have birthdays yearly? Christmas yearly?  What do we do monthly and then daily? 

There are plenty of opportunities for creative dance in this lesson plan. We have more opportunities for physical development in our KS1 PE curriculum area. Remember, you need a silver account at least to gain access. 

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