Celebrations Celebrating an Un-Birthday

Celebrations Celebrating an Un-Birthday

⇒This lesson can be done in a large indoor space or outside space.

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Celebrations Celebrating an Un-Birthday Lesson Plan Aims

  • Reflecting on how a celebration makes us feel.
  • Reflecting on how celebrations make others feel. 
  • How we celebrate special occasions and the typical things we do through role play. 
  • To learn what an Un-Birthday is.

A lovely lesson plan exploring celebrations through practical drama activities and fun games.

Use the Cbeebies clips to help teach your children more about Celebrations!

An active learning method that will encourage your children to reflect think, and feel what celebrating is all about and how it impacts our well-being and the well-being of others. 

An out-of-the-classroom lesson that could be taught in the open air or, likewise, would work well just as well in a hall or ample indoor space. But if you can, outdoor learning always has the most impact on our mental and physical health!

Our approach is all about getting kids to move more and all of our resources will help keep the children engaged, motivated and active throughout the day. We do also have specific PE Resources if it is something more structured you require. However, do not think that we stick to the norm! Our KS1 PE is based on sports we do not typically do in nursery and primary school settings, such as golf, athletics and bowling. We use upcycled material to make what we need and play! Remember, you need a silver account at least to gain access. 

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